Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Interview-Old Town Liquor store

Place:Old Town Liquor store

1. Have you ever worked in another city? Which one?
Yes, Granite City (IL).

If yes, do you think the number of people who drink alcohol in Carbondale much more than the other place?

2. Is the amount sold in the weekend more than in the weekdays in Carbondale?

If yes, how many people approximately do you think binge drinking in the weekend?
Over 1000.

3. Is the amount sold better than last year in Carbondale?
He doesn’t know because he wasn’t here last year. But according to his experiences, the amount sold is increasing every year.

4. Do you think the buyers are most young people, and most of them are SIU students?
Yes. SIU is kind of famous party school in America, you know, he said.

5. Do you think SIU students have the problems of binge drinking and heavy drinking?

If yes, is the number much more than another university?

6. Do you think different countries cultures have different drinking culture?

If yes, where do you think the most buyers are from?

7. If the government increases the price of beer, do you think it will reduce the number of buyers? And how do you feel about it?
No. He won’t feel happy.

8. Do you think people who drink alcohol won’t drive in Carbondale?
No. Unfortunately, people do drive after drinking alcohol.

9. Do you think there are many alcohol-related accidents that happen in Carbondale?

10. What is your opinion of drinking and driving?
It’s not good. It is really bad behavior. There will be someone getting hurt. People who drive after drink alcohol should be arrested.

September 29, 2006

What Scott said and My opinion:
According to Scott, the liquor store salesman in Carbondale, young people who are almost SIU students binge drinking a lot. SIU is famous for having a lot of parties. (I heard this info after I came to the U.S.) He thinks there are more students have the problem of binge drinking and heavy drinking than other universities, also, the amount sold in Carbondale is more than other cities. He thinks maybe over 1000 people binge drinking in Carbondale. He believes the amount sold is increasing every year, according to his experience. The amount sold in the weekend is better than in the weekdays. Different countries have different drinking cultures, and the biggest buyer among these countries is from Germany. (I was surprised because I think the answer will be Koreans.) He thinks if the government increases beer’s price, that won’t reduce the number of buyers, and he won’t be happy if the government does this.

Unfortunately, people do drive after drinking alcohol in Carbondale. Thus, there are many alcohol-related accidents happened in Carbondale. In his opinion, people who drive after drinking alcohol will hurt someone else or themselves, and they should be arrested if they do so.

If SIU administrations do care the decline of enrollment, they should struggle to get rid of the discredit of “party school”. If I’m parents, I won’t let my children study in a “party school” where they may learn bad hobbies, such as smoke tobacco, binge drink etc, or get bad friends who will involved their children in alcohol. If this kind of fame could be changed, the enrollment will increase.
When I got there around noon, there were many people in the store, and the goods just arrived. Obviously, the business was good. Later, I went there again around 3:30pm, I did the interview. Meanwhile, there were still a lot of customers there.

by Bi-Chien

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I asked a dormitory person about drinking alcohol, but I forgot to ask his name. I gave some questions to him.

1. Do you like alcohol?
A. No, I do not like alcohol.

2. Why do you dislike alcohol?
A. because it is very controlling and it kills brain cells.

3. Did you drink when you were a university or college student?
A. No, I did not.

4. What do you think of alcohol? Is it good or bad?
A. I really do not like alcohol. It is very bad for people.

5. Do you feel students are more comfortable drinking with someone or alone?
A. It depends on person, but I think alone is comfortable.

6. Do you think students should not drink too much?
A. Yes, I think so.

7. How can we control alcohol best?
A. I think you cannot control alcohol, but changing mind is to see harmless disease.

My opinion

I was really surprised by his answer because I think almost all adults like alcohol. Thus, I can get unusual experience. However, I agree with him. Alcohol is not good for people. If possible, students should stop to drink alcohol too much. It is the best way to live a quiet life until graduate. He was willing to answer with my questions. Therefore, I could ask easily and enjoy.


Monday, October 09, 2006


According to the article we find out that college life is drinking life. Acoording to the rusllut the girls less likely to drink than
the boy's have the highest percentage of drinkers .Also, teenagers start drink from the age of 12 and they become ligeal to at
age of 21 however they start at age of 18 .The outer in this article talk's about how the teenagers become fat because of the
colories in the alcohol and the thinh that the student do to solve this problem is do exercises.

In my opinion if we mange our drinking it's okay ,but what people do these days they get drunk then they get in to fight what make you think all the people who drink are crazy and i don't think that you can drink and be responsabile at the same time.i think everyone of us knows his limet and alot of people shouldn't drink too much because people do stupied things when they get drunk. I dissagree with the outer when he says that the guy's drink more than the girls i think the girls drink more than the boys.

1-who made you drink the first time?
My dad.
2-How you become addicted to drink alcohol?
After my dad let me drink the first time he forced me to drink with him since that i start to drnik.
3- how does drinking alcohol affect you life?
I got kicked from the school then i found a job then i was speding all my money on alcohol.
4- what the things you use to to do when you were drunk?
fight people .
5-why you were figthing the people ?
because i was drunk and when you drunk you feel nobody can tuch you.
6-would you let your son drink?
no,no,no no way.
i dont want to go the same way i went i dont want to do my father's mistak.
8-how long have you been drinking?
3 years.
9-would you like to give advioce to the student who get drunk every weekend and what you think wabout that?
i will say drink if you want to but don't hurt other poeple if you if you get drunk you will do crazt things and everybody shoul know his limet .

alcohol By Khalid Doubi

khalid doubi
I went to the police department in order to ask an officer a few questions about alcohol. I meet George, sen. And I started asking him question. First question was.” How many murder crimes do you face every month caused by alcohol on campus?” He said, “Not so much, when people go to dark places where there is nobody there might be some murder crimes. More often it is a social assault (He mentioned a story that happened last month). Advice for people: do not walk alone in the dark. My second question was, “What is the age that allows people to drink?” In all the 52 states 21 is the age to drink (we don’t deal with those). I asked him another question:” What is the punishment for underage drinking?” He said,” We issue a citation and then we sometimes contact their parents; its not as bad as Duz. (Store). In holidays, IL State has a campaign that increases patrolling through the holidays. My fourth question was, “What kind of violence do people do when they get drunk?” He said, “When people drink they are overly aggressive; they say words that had not meant to be said. When there is any physical aggression, verbal aggression as well. After that the fifth question was, “What do you do with people who fight and the reason is drinking?” He said, we warn them; if they continue to act violent we catch them. Oftentimes in public places the security asks them to leave. If they start again to be aggressive we detain them. My sixth question was, “What is the most dangerous place that people drink and fight? Why?” He said, “The place that there is a lot of people and there are a lot of alcohol, for example house party or some times parking lots. “My seventh question was, “Do you allow people to drink and drive? “He said, “Absolutely under no circumstances. If we catch them the license is immediately revoked and a citation is written. In addition we detain them. My last question was, “What about the security on campus, is it more on the weekend? “He said, No. on the weekend the campus is quiet but we usually do the usual round through the campus but during the weekdays it is crowded there.


Saturday, October 07, 2006


Mohanad doubi


This video is talking about the abortion in U.S.A. there is tow group the first group they say that the abortion is not wrong and it should not be illegal by the government, they also think that the government should not control the abortion. The second group thinks that the abortion is a crime and the government should make it illegal and control it, they also mention that in the past there was huge number of abortion. The government began to control the abortion and they also make it illegal in many stat and the only exception that the women can abortion the baby is if the pregnant is making a dinger for here life.


The abortion is a crime and they people who do it should be treated as a criminal, in my own opinion I think that the government can not control the abortion whatever they tray because the women can kill the baby by hitting here stomach until the baby die. In my religion women can not do abortion but if the baby is making a danger for here life she can do the abortion.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Alcohol and academics

In this article “alcohol and Academics” the author talks about the relationship between the students in college when they are neglect the class or not doing will in their work and alcohol. Then, he starts asking about the influence of alcohol to academies. However, he discovered that students who drink more get lower grades than the students drink less during the week. Also, those students who drunk more, they miss more class or omission their homework. The author mentions that alcohol can impact to the brain in injury way.

I think the author was right, we see students in Monday night while they get out of the bar and they are drunk, positively they will oversleep and miss Monday class. Its obvious that alcohol hurt our brain especially the concentrate of it. It kills cells of the brain which is cannot be existence and bear again. Smokers read the warning in the bottom of the packet while the smoke, but they don`t put warning in the alcohol – which is more more harm than the smoke- because most of people want to get drunk and they don`t worried about anything.

Hassan Muslli

"Alcohol" By Khalid

Khalid Doubi
According to the article, adults aged 18 to 20 who are full time in college drink more than adults who are not full time. Studies showed that males have the highest percentage of drinkers, and heavy drinkers more than females. Half of Americans start drinking from age of 12. Heavy drinkers start drinking from age 18 to 25. The study shows the percentages of calories in alcohol, what kinds of alcohol have the highest percentage of calories and which have the lowest percentage. Students start to become fat because of the high percentage of calories in alcohol. Some students try to manage their fatness and do exercises to lose weight.

Drinking is something bad if the person starts drinking from the age of 12; it’s unhealthy for the body, and it brings a lot of disease in the future. However the percentage of people who drink is very high, which is bad for people’s health because alcohol is not healthy. Drinking every day is bad because it stops the drinker from doing their studies or their work. I do not like a thing that makes me fat, so a lot of people think the same way; that’s why they do not drink; we can see that women do not drink because they do not want to get fat. There is another solution for drinkers who want to manage their Weight; they can do exercises every day and drink so it will be better than now.

We talked to American people all of them are studying at SIU. As for me, I talked to seven by distributing a survey among of them. I tabulated the question from number (1) to number(3). All of them had never skipped a class or drink alcohol before a test, but the number of times they drink alcohol they are different.
I really like this experience because it is new and I found American people friendly also used to see this kind of studies. The most important thing I like it is when I ask any person to fill out the survey directly he/she say "SURE". In fact I have never mind to do another survey in other classes because you can treat with people directly and you can measure your goals very well.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


According to this survey about drinking culture, we researched male and female who live in SIU each 56% and 44% afer drinking behaviors with Motref who is my group member. Moreover, most case is about SIUC because we surveyed on campus areas which are Thompson point and Southern Hill. 56% people usually drink once a week, 38% people drink 2~4 times, and 6% people drink over 5 times. Overwhelmingly, 100% people don’t drink before taking a test. About hangover, after a typical night of drinking, 45% people were so easy to hangover, 38% people said mild, and 17% people was that it is strong for them. And then, about sobering up, 67% said that it is easy to sober up, 27% people said it is some what difficult, only 6% people said it is very hard. 62% people didn’t remember what happen last night once or twice. 21% people said depend on drinking level, 17% people often didn’t remember. About sexual decisions, 67% persons want to do sex sometimes after drinking, 27% persons often want to do, and only 6% persons don’t want. As a result, women would more likely to want to make bad decision because of alcohol then men. Last, about control feeling, 62% persons usually control their feeling, 21% persons control sometimes, only 6% persons can’t control. It means pass out.

I was surprised that most students don’t skip the class from drinking because I had a lot of experience in my college life. So I will try to change my habit. Absolutely, I acknowledged that it is not good way before taking a test. So as a result, 100% students never drink before exam. Some people who are 45% were affected after drinking. I thought that they were alcoholics. 67% people said that it is easy to sober up but I didn’t survey how bunch of beer they drink so I think that it is different depend on alcohol level. 17% people don’t remember last night after drinking .It is very seriously because maybe they already pass out even though they can’t control their body. I want to recommend them to visit shrink. I think that sexual decisions are big issues in this survey. Fortunately, the result was not shocked because most people sometimes want to do sex. But it was so weird that female want to make bad sexual decisions from alcohol. .As unexpected, male wants it more then female. Finally, most case usually can control. After finished this survey, I realized moderate drinking give us to enjoy but too much drinking alcohol give us to make out of control.

by Jae-Yul Park


Place: True blood
Subject: jeniffer lee sharon's mother

Questions & Answers:

1. What do you think that people drinks alcohol with relating your job? Tell me your thinking about the people who drinks alcohol.

- Because my job is a nurse, I can see many people who commit fault after drinking. Normally, I know that alcohol improve our relationship with others and I agree the positive effect at that point in our life. Too many people forget the truth that alcohol give us not only big pleasure, but also great damage. Specially, the culture of university students connected with the alcohol is serious in USA.

That is to say, Too many problems like self-health problem, drinking and driving, domestic violence, and economical problem are neglected by the society that is comparatively tolerant about drinking. Like this drinking habit can make them alcoholic easily.

1-a. I have seen too many addicted people. What's your idea about alcohol addicted?

- USA is surveyed by the recent research that 13.7 percents of them is addicted. Alcoholic isn't only limited to an individual problem, but also is serious disease that can be negatively effected to all members of the family. In other words, the reason why alcoholic is a serious disease that alcoholic persons make not only them, but also his family, especially his mate, get sick together.

The case of university students is same. If they drinks too often, they enough to experience the toxic symptoms.

1-b. Can you define the meaning of "alcoholic"?

- The main ingredient of alcohol begun with development of human culture is a chemical substances called ethanol, and this is a one of the things that inhibit the central nerve. Moreover, ethanol make themselves calm down and fall asleep. If alcohol is adopted to our body, that is absorbed at the stomach or the intestines and enter the liver with following blood flow of the interior of the body. And then it has effect on every organs of the body. If you drink alcohol continuously and excessively, you are tend to depend on the alcohol physically and mentally. If this continuously progress, the abuse is induced not only to person, but also to family, job, and relationship. And that make them have the behavior disorder and lead to alcoholic that is one of the chronic disease. Alcoholic is serious disease.

2. If so, what relation is between alcohol and driving?

- The drinking and driving is serious problem that we have to treat with wider vision not a position of person or family, but a ground of nation. Recently, the social interest is high about alcohol and drinking. I know that other countries are interested in this problem too. When people drink, they can't think rightly and logically. And they make a mistake easily when the men who drank alcohol drive. Alcoho is unsuitable with driving.

3. Are you serious? And then, if the dependence of alcoholic about alcohol is too deep like that, can alcoholic be treated easily in a short time?

- About 10 percents of peoples who drink alcohol is alcoholic, and they can't stop that by their will. This disease affect their all thing involving body, mind and mental state. The special feature of this disease is the point that is serious, progressive, chronic, and critical. I think that alcoholic is chronic disease that injury their life, human relationships, or working and performing ability, and is influential to their family negatively with losing their ability to control by addictive drinking.

4. how do you think about alcohol? Is it good or bad?

- It is true that alcohol is a lubricating oil to university students of USA. If alcohol is applied to the party or any situations, they can enjoy their culture more freely. That is to say, alcohol is used to enjoy the party when they are university students and to confide a secret to friends. My word don't mean that Alcohol is always good. Do you agree that it is better not to drink when you drive? Ha-ha. The problem is not to drink alcohol, but to drive when you are drunken.

5. In your thinking, how do you do about alcohol when you are driving?

- I think that it is the best way to stop drinking alcohol when people drive. Because alcohol makes people not judge exactly, not to drink is the short way to save your life.

6. What relation is there between a happen and driving with drinking? Do you think that it is a comparison?

- I think that there is a such relationship. Of course, There is no serious discussion about drinking and driving excepting university student still now in USA. In Korea, is it discussed often?

my answer : Ok, Such that problems are coming to the front as the important and serious problem by many discussions in Korea. Because the culture to drink with others is necessary to make a good relation ship with others and to do work.

7. Lastly conclude about drinking and driving.

- My word is not that Alcohol is always bad thing. Only, when you drive, you need some like curving, changing direction, or keeping traffic lights. However, if you drink, the ability of your brain to judge such that situation will be decreased. Also, you make a mistake more easily although you can usually do well. Ha-ha. If you want to live long, not to think alcohol and driving may be good to you.

September 23, 2006

My Opinion:

September 23, 2006, on saturday afternoon, when my roommate mother who is a nurse come to our room at 5:50, we had an interview. Acoording to her, there are many aspects about alcohol and diving. Sometimes alcohol play a positive part, but usually alcohol is inversely proportional to driving. That is to say, it play a decisive role when we say about what related with alcohol, we are social, or we enjoy our university students life. And the alcohol culture that makes a relationship between man and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend more friendly hold an important position in USA. But, we don't have to overlook that's defect with that's merit. Alcohol make us lose our judgments, and make mistakes more often. Alcohol have a power to make him a stupid person despite having a correct judgement, and a good concentration in ordinary times. Also, alcohol have a more weak point to go alcoholic. Although the number of them is a little, we don't have to neglect them.
In conclusion, when we live, alcohol can do good as a catalyst, but we always don't forget that the problem can be occurred. And, specially when you drive, not to drink alcohol protect your health, continue your life long, and help you to drive with keeping your judgement and mental power, definitely.

by Jin-Young(JIN)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Alcohol and Academics

In the article, "Alcohol and Academics", the author says drinking alcohol too much affect grades of students. Students who drink alcohol too much can get lower score because they miss class, cannot do tests and papers well, and oversleep. Also, they can get bad things, for instance, have poor memory, and cannot keep concentration and attention. Thus, alcohol influence brains of the people like learning.

After I read the article, I can learn about how much alcohol is bad for students. I thought alcohol is not so bad before I read, but now I change my mind because drinking too much is not good. I think normal people can control the amount that they drink alcohol. However, people who like drinking alcohol very much cannot control the amount. Thus, it becomes bad. Therefore, I think they should set a limit to the amount of alcohol or finish works before drinking. It is good way to drink. Also, not drinking is the best way to keep good score and brain functions. If possible, they should try it.